Population Health Plus: Real People. Real Results.

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Allie Henderson  
Manager, Add-on Modules
Government Affairs & Client Solutions

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Welcome back to our latest blog series Population Health Plus: Population Health Management with a Personal Touch! This new series is dedicated to helping your practice increase revenue, meet federal regulations, and effectively manage your patient populations by utilizing a population health solution. In the first blog of our series, we identified some major industry pain points and what your population health management solution should be doing to help your practice improve patient care, offset revenue losses, meet federal regulation requirements, and more. In case you missed the first blog in our series, Population Health Plus: An Innovative Approach to Population Health Management, click here to read it now!

You’ve heard it from us, but don’t take our word for it. In this blog, Population Health Plus: Real People. Real Results, Maria Shafer at Central Florida Retina shares how her practice has benefited from her population health management solution.

Practice Profile

Problem: An Underserved Demographic
As Central Florida Retina (CFR) expanded its practice, so did its need to reach its ophthalmology patients. Take a look at the list below to see a few of the problems CFR was facing before it implemented Population Health.

Solution: Population Health Plus
With the help of TSI Healthcare, CFR implemented a solution to help track and engage patients while improving overall patient health.

Click here to learn more about Population Health Plus 

Serving An Underserved Demographic
In 2014, the management staff at Central Florida Retina (CFR) recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to better serve its aging patient demographic. At the recommendation of TSI Healthcare, CFR implemented Population Health to enhance their EHR and EPM system. Using the Population Health Profiler, CFR is able to create lists and reach specific patients based on demographics and appointments, claims and payors, medications, labs and procedures, and many more. Population Health has become an essential aspect of CFR’s practice-to-patient communication.

Healthier Patients
Population Health has helped drive one of the primary goals at Central Florida Retina: ensuring the health of its patients. The system’s features allow the practice to remind patients to comply with their medications, schedule an appointment they may have neglected, or remind diabetic patients to regularly monitor blood sugar. In fact, utilizing Population Health reminders has greatly reduced the number of patients who only go to their practice when surgery may be required to fix a problem. Instead, patients visit the office while the problem is still manageable and a worst-case scenario can be prevented. 


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“Whether it be renewed compliance, healthier patients, or finding clinical trial participants, I cannot begin to explain how much easier Population Health has made my job.”

-Maria Shafer Front Desk Supervisor, Central Florida Retina

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Data and Metrics We Can Use
When data and metrics matter, Population Health delivers. The data generated by Population Health has propelled CFR to the next level of patient care by seeking out candidates for various clinical studies. Before implementing Population Health, CFR’s front desk staff would manually ID candidates through reports based on a specific diagnosis or sift through hundreds of individual patient charts.

Now CFR is able to spend time focusing on their patients. “With the help of Population Health, we are able to set parameters for specific ICD-10 codes and the system checks for patients within the EHR to see whether or not they qualify for our clinical trials. Because of the patient outreach through Population Health, we were able to max out the number of trial participants in just two days,” said Maria Shafer, Front Desk Supervisor.

The Sky’s The Limit
When CFR was ready to take Population Health’s capabilities to the next level, TSI Healthcare provided the 1-on-1 guided assistance it needed. “The ability to expand or concentrate on specific search parameters is one of the biggest advantages of using Population Health. For instance, we can set unique parameters to provide our office staff with a list of patients who have a cataract in their left eye and have a birthday in March,” said Shafer. “Population Health really is a no-brainer for our practice.”

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